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sangha manifeste

Hospitality with Commitment

Because we don’t travel the way we used to. Because we want to be more than a room number. Because a night in a hotel should come at a fair price. Because staying away from home should be even better than being at home. Because we’re not just looking for wellness, we’re looking for “better-ness”. This is why Sangha Hotels came into being. With the desire to create hospitality with commitment. Committed to protecting the environment. Committed to goodness, beauty and wellness. Committed to personalising our service offering. Committed to being open to others and sharing.

Committed to the art of living and finding solace in the urban environment, in a neighbourhood, in the heart of a community, in a hotel room. Rethinking hospitality to heal the stress of everyday life. Freed from pointless pursuits, we can more easily reconnect with our essence.

All of this goes into Sangha Hotels.

Our concept is guided by greater well-being and connection. Let yourself unwind while taking time out and making room for what is essential in a city-centre hotel at a fair price. That’s the Sangha spirit.

Our wish at Sangha Hotels? To make services usually exclusive to high-end hotels more accessible. To reach out to a wider public. Sangha Hotels’ mission is to bring together customers who share our values of authenticity and respect for others.

Space without ostentation. Peace of mind without being far from the city. Pared down décor inspired by Asia without being too rigidly Zen. Light, nature and mindfulness made easy. Every Sangha hotel is designed to be an escape bubble in the heart of the city. A self-contained safe space where you can let go to make more space for what is essential.



Peace of mind

Disconnecting and unwinding in peaceful surroundings within the city centre, in a space combining ultra-contemporary styling and Asian Zen inspiration. 


Opening up to others in conversations, encounters and explorations in a community driven by the same desire for greater well-being.


Being accessible to all for increase connection, sharing ideas and desires, meeting, listening and joining together.


Committing to long-term action on sustainability, responsibility and recyclability, providing fair hospitality at a fair price.


Following in the footsteps of a Cambodian woman who travels mindfully, cares about human resources, is always sincere and never deceitful.


Being attentive to other people, customers, our team and partners, accepting imperfection without compromising on creating a carefree working environment.

Strong commitments

“Growing together”. This was the driving force behind our first Sangha hotel. 

Growing with our staff, suppliers, partners and, of course, with our guests. But also growing alongside the community that will emerge from our events, meetups, Sangha Hotels’ very own social media network or from sharing our values around wellness, peace of mind, meditation, yoga and personal development. Not to mention our connection with partners in La Cartoucherie eco-district. Plus, our commitment to embed sustainability into our hotel concept. Our starting point is one of environmental responsibility, with zero plastics and the use of recycling as a given. Our commitment can also be seen in our BREEAM “Very Good” certification, which is a benchmark for sustainable construction, awarded to our Sangha Toulouse à la Cartoucherie building, and the “Clef Verte” label (“green key” awarded to holiday accommodation), which we’ll apply for after opening. Sangha Hotels is also a member of the “Coq Vert” community created by Bpifrance, a French investment bank supporting entrepreneurs. This community brings together committed entrepreneurs to promote ecological transition. 

Our social commitment is based on aligning ourselves with the associations that make up La Cartoucherie, working towards inclusion, community activities and mutual aid. This also includes our hotel staff. We are keen to look after their well-being at work, encourage them to develop their talents and provide incentives for all. 

Our roots

After many years working in the financial sector, Muriel Tek Roquejeoffre was looking for a new career path towards a different kind of life. The hospitality sector appealed to her and she was inspired by her Cambodian origins to design a hotel concept based around being open to other people, with greater well-being and peace of mind. The name: Sangha Hotels.
The desire was to provide a customer experience that feels like a boutique hotel or a cosy bed and breakfast, featuring personal service, authenticity and an experience enabling guests to make the most of their stay by reconnecting to themselves and others. 

Born in Castres, Muriel Tek Roquejeoffre studied in Toulouse and was keen to return to the playground of her youth. It was both natural and logical for the founder of Sangha Hotels to open the first hotel in the Sangha group in Toulouse, aligning with her quest to return to her origins and rediscover her essence. 

The Sangha Community

Living and breathing the Sangha spirit: Sangha Hotels’ partners share and embody the same values. 

Sébastien Caron

The inventive one 

After graduating from LISAA School of Art & Design in Paris, Sébastien Caron worked for over ten years at the Printemps Haussmann department store, where he was accustomed to designing spaces. Sangha Toulouse is his first hotel project. 

Sébastien Caron designed the Sangha hotel based on the idea of a Zen state of mind, with pared down Asian styling and the interplay of light and materials, while embracing the attitude of the eco-district where the hotel is located. Fully aware of Muriel Tek Roquejeoffre’s desire to offer customers a high-end experience, he designed almost all of the layouts, furniture, lighting and wallpaper himself. Another notable feature of his work at Sangha Toulouse is the huge, sculptural light fitting, which he designed to occupy the ceiling height of the bar on the eighth (top) floor of the hotel, while providing a signature centrepiece for the rooftop. For the corridors leading to the bedrooms, the interior architect wanted to punctuate the space with herbal tea stations on each floor, enabling guests to meet, talk and connect. 

The Sangha Community

Living and breathing the Sangha spirit: Sangha Hotels’ partners share and embody the same values. 

Christine Phung

The creative one 

As Artistic Director and Creator, Christine Phung shared Muriel Tek Roquejeoffre’s vision when designing the Sangha Toulouse staff uniforms. The two women met via a mutual friend and they “immediately hit it off”, Christine Phung recalls. 

And with good reason: “We very quickly realised how close our values and drivers were, beyond our French-Cambodian heritage, which was an obvious connection.” Alongside this, they shared a common desire to serve others. “I love coming up with garments that feel good when you wear them”, she added. “Creating beauty gives meaning to my life and I think Muriel has this same desire with Sangha, to create beauty, goodness and wellness.” Christine highlighted the importance of realising projects that serve the widest community “based on quality and comfort, at an accessible price”. A stance that is committed, engaged and fully aligned with the Sangha spirit. Designing for fairness and imagining how to share the best with travellers are the priorities for the Sangha Hotels group and its partners.